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CHRISTIAN GIFT: Glassmasters "Our Lady of Guadalupe" 8"x14" Stained Glass NEW


Glassmasters Nativity Scene by Louis C. Tiffany 6.5 inches


CHRISTIAN GIFT--New Glassmasters "ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI" Stained Glass 9" X 7"


Early VTG 1980 Glassmasters Stained Glass Blue Round Panel Angel Sun Catcher USA


Glassmasters: Louis C. Tiffany "Autumn" 7 1/3 x 8 1/25 inches


2 Vtg Glassmasters Stained Glass Sun Catcher Dick Whittington CAT + KISS Rosetti


Glassmasters: Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC rose window 6.5 inches


Glassmasters "Our Lady of Guadalupe" 6.5" round Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher


VAN GOGH'S "ALMOND BLOSSOMS" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher by Glassmasters


Vtg GLASSMASTERS 1989 Louis C. Tiffany Waterfall Oval Stained Glass Suncatcher


Vtg 1989 Glassmasters Louis C Tiffany Stained Glass Sun ~ Waterfall Lillypads


Glassmasters "Millennium MIckey" 3.5 inches in box with chain


Glassmasters "WINDY CARDINALS" BIRD ART 7" x 9" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher


Glassmasters Rose window of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris 6.5 inches


Glassmasters Stained Glass Tiffany Miss Piggy and Kermit


VAN GOGH'S "Starry Night" Stained Glass 8"x10"Panel Suncatcher by Glassmasters


Christian Gift -Glassmasters "The Holy Spirit" -7" Sq. Stained Glass Suncatcher


MI Hummel/Glassmasters 9-1/4 by 13-1/4-Inch Tree of Life Stained Glass Panel


Glassmasters Stained Glass Window Suncatcher Washington National Cathedral RARE


Vtg 1989 Glassmasters john la farge Stained Glass. Peonies in the wind 14"x10"


Glassmasters "TREE OF LIFE" 9"X13" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher-- NEW


Glass Masters Stained Glass Blue Birds 10" Dia.




VINTAGE 1980 Glassmasters UNICORN 6.5" Stained Glass Suncatcher Fantasy USA MADE


Glassmasters: Marjolein Bastin's "Snow Bunny" 6.5 inches in


Glassmasters: Thomas Kinkade: "After the Storm" 6.5 in.


Glassmasters Monet's "FISHERMAN'S COTTAGE" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher-New


Glassmasters: Vincent Van Gogh: "Sunflowers" 5 by 7 inches


Glassmasters Monet's "ARTIST'S COTTAGE" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher--New


1978 Glassmasters Stained Glass Oceanic Scene, Nautical, Sea Shells Art Glass 8"


Glassmasters: The Lavender Fairy by Cecily Mary Barker. 7x5 inches


CHRISTIAN GIFT: Glassmasters Jesus "THE DIVINE MERCY" Stained Glass Panel , NIB


Glassmasters: Phillip Crowe: Labrador and Ducks 6.5 inches inches


Glassmasters Klimt "MOTHER AND CHILD" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher, NIB


Glassmasters: Thomas Kinkade: detail from "Pools of Serenity" 6.5 in.


Glassmasters: Duck rising from water by wildlife artist Millen. 6.5 in. across


Monet's "Water Lilies" 9" x 7" Stained Glass Panel by Glassmasters, NEW


VAN GOGH'S "Irises" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher, 9" x 7", by Glassmasters


Glassmasters Van Gogh "Cafe Terrace at Night" Stained Glass Panel Suncatcher


New Glassmasters Vincent Van Gogh's "SUNFLOWERS" Stained Glass Panel New In Box