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French Dagger

French Hunting Sword Dagger Fabulous Detailed Guard Very Nice


Cased French Air Force Dress Dagger Model 1934 with Hangers and Portepee


Stunning & Rare 19th Century French DAGGER / KNIFE with beautiful Decoration


French Dagger Dirk Lovely Gold Etched Blade 19th Century


WW2 Original French Dagger Air Force 1940's Model !


stylus knife self-defense French prostitutes 18-19th C pique couilles stylet


King’s Divinity French Fleur-de-lis Medieval Dagger Collectible


antique French romantic dagger neo gothic style circa 1870


French hunting dagger dirk carved ebony hilt 19th century




USA American Commando Knife Pilum Trench army fighting dagger European French


Antique 19 Century French France Navy Triangle Blade Fighting Knife Dagger


Antique Vintage France French or Italian Italy Knife Dagger with Scabbard


Antique French European Bronze Mounted Early Sword Dagger Knife Blade


Antique French France Germany German 19 Century Figural Engraved Dagger Knife


Antique French France 19 Century All Copper Baselard Dagger Short Sword Knife


Antique 18 Century French France or British English Fighting Knife Dagger


Antique French 19 Century Other Ranks Chasseur’s Sword Dagger w/Scabbard AE


Antique Old French France Italy Italian Engraved Hunting Dagger Knife


Vintage French France DUMAS Officer's Fighting Knife Dagger w/ Scabbard Knot


Antique Very Old 18 Century French or German Hunting Dagger Knife


Antique WW1 French musicians Short Sword German blade Dagger Fighting Knife


Antique French France 19 Century Engraved Hunting Dagger Knife


Antique 19 Century German or French Engraved Hunting Dagger Knife w/ Scabbard


Dagger french knife vintage utility multi blade pocket camping


Antique 19 Century French France English British Hunting Sword Dagger


Antique French France 19 Century Hunting Dagger Knife Short Sword


Antique France French 18 Century Engraved Hunting Dagger Knife Sword w/ Scabbard


French 19 century Naval Navy Officer's Sword Dagger Belt Buckle Hanger


Old Long Military French Bayonet, 26" long, 1874-75


Rare French Napoleonic era English Navy Midshipman's Dirk Naval Dagger (Turkish)


Antique French France 18 Century Hunting Short Sword Knife Dagger


French Chasspot Model 1866 Sword Knife Dagger France WW1 WW2 war saber antique