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Ancient Silver Coin

Ancient Roman Silver Coin: Denarius~Julia Maesa~Augusta 218-222~XF+bonus


Ancient Roman Silver Coin~denarius~Julia Domna/Quadriga Of Lions~XF+bonus


NGC certified Ancient Roman Silver Coin: Denarius~Caracalla~VF +bonus


✯Ancient Coin Estate Lot ✯ Roman Greek Byzantine✯ Bronze Silver Gold BC Money ✯


Authentic Silver Ancient Greek Coin


Lot of 6 Silver Greek coins Alexander drachm + persian ship. Ancient Greek Coins


Ancient Roman, Gordian III AR Antoninianus RIC 15 Choice EF AD 239 Silver coin


Postumus, Ancient Roman Silver Coin, NGC (Ch XF)


NGC Ch XF. Elagabalus. Stunning Denarius. Ancient Roman Silver Coin.


Higher Grade Silver Ancient Roman Coin (Lot #H18


Ancient Silver Legion XV Denarius Mark Antony Marcus Antonius 31BC Roman Coin 15


Marcus Aurelius 161-180 BC Superb Denarius Ancient Roman Empire Silver Coin


Mysia Parium Gorgon Drachm NGC Choice XF 5/4 Ancient Silver Coin


138-161 AD Antonius Pius Roman Empire Ancient Silver Coin, 2.8 grams, 17mm


PARION in MYSIA Archaic Ancient 550BC Silver Greek Coin w GORGONEION Rare


177-192 AD Commodus Roman Empire Ancient Silver Denarius Coin, 2.4 grams, 18mm


Ancient Attica Athens 440-404 BC Athena Owl Tetradrachm Silver Coin NGC AU


Ancient Indo Greek Elephant coin silver Drachm of Apollodotos 1 c. 160 B.C.


Custom Vintage Silver DBL-SD Bronze Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Coin Cufflinks


Ancient silver Naevius Balbus Nero 18mm Denarius Rome Victory Horse triga coin


Nero. Stunning Tetradrachm, Struck 64 AD. Ancient Roman Silver Coin.


Ancient silver coin Greek? To identify, Face


Ancient Authentic ROMAN 1x Coin and 2x Pre 1964 90% Silver Dime with full dates


Julia Domna 193-217 AD AR Denarius Ancient Roman Silver Coin Rome Mint


Ancient Roman coin in Sterling Silver pendant - Victories! 4.8 grams


Ancient Roman Republic & Imperial MOSTLY SILVER Denar Coins LOT7 - 24 pieces


Gordian III (AD 238-244) AR Antoninianus Rome Ancient Silver Coin


TRAJAN 105AD Rome Authentic Genuine Ancient Silver Roman Coin


Ancient ROMAN COINS SILVER:    SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS    Military Dictator and Father


TRAJAN DECIUS NGC Choice VF Pannoniae Double Denarius ANCIENT ROMAN Silver Coin


Ancient Greek coin MOESIA, Istros. Circa 4th Century BC. SILVER Stater


Pamphylia, Aspendus Hoplite Stater 5th Cent. BC NGC VF 3/4 Ancient Silver Coin


Ancient Silver Greek Coin HIGH GRADE -141-


Ancient Silver Greek Coin HIGH GRADE -131-


Philip I, Ancient Roman Silver Coin, NGC (VF)


Authentic Ancient Roman Coin, 1 gram .999 Silver Mini Art-Bar, & 90% Silver Dime


Marc Antony Legionary Silver AR Denarius "Galley & Legion Ancient Roman Coin


Rare Ancient Alexander III The Great Greek Coin 336-323 BC Silver Plated Drachm


(1) SILVER Ancient BIBLICAL COIN OF THE MAGI - Roman Bible Greek Jesus 35BC-5AD